May Logan's incredible music find new listeners for years to come, and may the kindness and joyful insanity that he gave to this world live on forever.

Click on an album title to download the entire album as a ZIP file, or click on an individual track name to load just that mp3. I've recently added the cover / insert art for each album, as well as lyrics and song info.

Logan's last full album "Goodbye, My 4-Track", which contains a lot of his greatest work, is still available for sale:

Pandacide - Amazon - CdBaby - iTunes

If the album ever becomes unavailable for purchase I will add it to the archive here.

Logan's final album "Very Tiny Song" is now available online from Slowdance Records and iTunes:

Very Tiny Songs on Pandacide
Very Tiny Songs on iTunes

Also, if anyone has any music / artwork of Logan's that isn't on this site, please please please contact me!


Picture of a Cigarette - Little Tin Frog cover
Little Tin Frog Introduction
A Heart A Tack
Mega Penguin Theme Song
Preachers from Outer Space
Secret Agent Bob Theme Song
Bino the Elephant Theme Song
Digging Machine
It Never Rains on Alex ('OK' quality rip from MySpace)
It's The Show Theme Song
Mr. Teddybear and the Wooden Cat
When I Was a Little Boy, I First Got the Idea...
Little Fish - The Secret Band
Drum Instructional Video
Charles DeMar (Luckie Strike cover)
Square Peg, Round Hole
A Special Gift To You
Abercrombie is a Weirdo
At the Ticket Counter - Collab with Owen Otto
Shooting at the Moon - Collab with Owen Otto
When I'm Dead, Part 2

Live Recordings

Do The Confusion - Live
Tokyo Narita - Live
Waffle of Death - Live
I Love The Ocean - Live
The Robot Cat - Live
The Volcano Song - Live
Goodbye, My 4-Track - Live

Alternate Song Versions

The Ice Cream Man
I Love the Ocean
When Werewolves Collide
Your Brain Fell Out
I Want To Live On The Moon
My Name Is Steve
The Volcano Song


WRFU - The Jenn Cork Show
Self Interview
Pab Sungenis Interview
(Interview starts about 25 minutes in)
Doctor Demento Tribute Show

Tribute Songs / Fan Covers

Song for Logan - Owen Otto
Vanilla - Neil Cicierega
Killed by Telephones - Neil Cicierega
The Ice Cream Man - Nuclear Bubble Wrap
Tokyo Narita - Justin "Juttman" Bennie
Farewell Hesperus - dMb Music